Sponsoring Goldschmaus SV Werder Bremen

Donations instead of presents! In 2016 the Goldschmaus Group also presented a donation cheque instead of distributing Christmas presents

Year after year – this tradition is being continued by the Goldschmaus Group this year too. A donation of 10,000 euros is going to the “Road safety education for children” from producer association farmers and employees of the Goldschmaus Group.

The way to school is the first long route for many children where they have to deal with traffic on their own. Whether they are on foot or travelling with public transport, road traffic exposes them to a number of hazards. “That’s why it is even more important that we provide the children with various opportunities to practice from the beginning and therefore prevent potentially dangerous situations. Just setting an example isn’t enough”, said Josef Hempen.<br/> So that children can be offered this opportunity, Martina Lüken is organising an Experience and Practice day with the motto “Safe in traffic” on behalf of the Goldschmaus Group. Josef Hempen presented a symbolic cheque for this purpose to the producer association chairmen and company representative of the Goldschmaus Group, Gregor Gerwin, who accepted this as representative for the members of the producer association and employees of the Goldschmaus Group. The campaign day was organised in collaboration with the German Association for Prevention of Road Accidents and the police inspectorate for Cloppenburg-Vechta.