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The utmost care down to the smallest detail

Böseler Goldschmaus is the division responsible for the slaughter and butchery of the animals. Every year, 185,000 tonnes of pork is processed into cuts using the latest butchery technology at the Garrel production site. The strictest animal welfare and hygiene standards as well as QA and IFS requirements are met during the slaughter and butchery process. At the same time, comprehensive data logging for optimised monitoring is carried out: from diagnostic data and slaughter results given to the farmers, to the traceability of the meat.


In October 2013 the Goldschmaus Group developed the brand: Die Marke der Bauern - Goldschmaus (The farmers’ brand - Goldschmaus) The private label sums up the commitment of our farmers and members of staff. With a concept that represents regional produce with the best quality, the end consumer is offered an honest product. The brand developed into a robust mainstay of the group of companies, and was able to establish itself commercially in 2016. Production is kept exclusively within the processing operations of the Goldschmaus Group.


With our livestock vehicles and our own refrigerated trains, both our animals and our products are guaranteed to arrive safely anywhere. Animal-welfare-friendly transport with very short transport distances is always our top priority. In order that animal transport remains as stress-free as possible, the livestock drivers regularly participate in training. In order to be able to supply individual markets, a fully automatic high-bay warehouse is in operation with a loading capacity of 11,000 cases. Every week, 200 tonnes of meat and sausage products are order-picked. The products remain chilled at all times and are delivered fresh to the customer.


Our animals are not given just any feed – our own “Goldschmaus feed” is of particularly high quality, healthy and nutritious. This is actually produced specifically for the Goldschmaus Group. The feed's primary ingredient is high quality grain, which is supplemented by protein sources, minerals and trace elements. We work together with selected feed mills from the region. We can trace the origin of our feeds at all times; their composition and ingredients are regularly examined by an external laboratory. This ensures that the health of our animals and the quality of our products are permanently safeguarded. The feeds are, of course, QA-tested.


Goldschmaus – enjoyment knows no limits: In total, approximately 45% of pork is exported. The company’s own deep-freeze facility with carton packaging, plate freezer and shock freezer was set up for export products. An individual carton freezer enables products to be frozen as quickly as possible. We also organise all aspects of logistics – from customs processing through to documents and Letters of Credit (LOC), as well as transport to the port and product loading onto the ship to customers around the world.


Goldschmaus Natur is where meat is made ready for the market and refined using the best ingredients. The pork used here originates exclusively from our own butchery and is forwarded for further processing via a direct link with the operating sites. Items are supplied to over 320 markets without detours. This company division also processes 15,000 tonnes of beef per year. In order to fulfil the quality requirements placed on our meat, Goldschmaus Natur needs a reliable partner who can take over the slaughtering of cattle. Since 2014, the business has worked together with the company Standard-Fleisch, which is an optimal fit with the regional concept.


When it comes to rearing and fattening our animals, the Goldschmaus farmers are our trusted partners. The animals originate from farms in the region, which are members of regional producer groups. In order to guarantee the high quality of our products, the Goldschmaus farmers are reviewed annually during QA audits. Furthermore, there are special regulations, which are also checked annually by external auditors. But animal welfare is not just checked regularly by external parties; the farmers themselves are responsible for providing their animals with the best possible care every day.

under one roof

The Goldschmaus Group, a regional network system, unique in Germany, that produces beef and pork products. With our ‘Goldschmaus Bauern’, ‘ Goldschmaus Futtermühlen’, ‘Böseler Goldschmaus’,‘Goldschmaus Natur’, ‘Goldschmaus Logistik’, ‘Goldschmaus International’ and ‘Goldschmaus – Die Marke der Bauern’ divisions, we combine all of the stages in meat production under one roof: the Goldschmaus Group. We work together to achieve one goal: providing end consumers, purchasers, producers and importers with the highest-quality meat and sausages with controlled origin certification using an unbroken value chain. The Goldschmaus farmers are therefore laying the foundations for the high level of product quality.

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