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The project

The Goldschmaus Group “Transparent farming” initiative makes it possible for society to have an extensive insight into modern farming. We want to make this possible as only very few citizens are in direct contact with the people who provide our food. “Experiencing it yourself first-hand” is the key in order to open up the image of farming shaped by the media and to rebuild the trust in farming again.

The farm visit

Every visitor is very welcome on our farms. We can look behind the scenes together. The farm visit begins with a small show around of the farm. As a visitor you are welcome to have a small snack during this presentation. Our farmers then lead the visitors around their farm in small groups so that there is time for questions. From the birth of a piglet through to milking a cow, we want to give our visitors an unforgettable experience.

Are you interested in visiting a farm?

Visit the Transparenten Landwirtschaft (Transparent Farming) website for more information.

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