Complete control and responsibility

From outstanding genetics through to cutting-edge testing technology, from specialist feed composition through to the optimal maturity and refinement of our products – every effort is made to create first-class meat quality. This is subject to continuous control:

All areas in the unbroken value chain are QA-tested. During regular inspections, the animal welfare group TiPB ensures welfare-friendly conditions; comprehensive data recording ensures complete control, sustainable monitoring and traceability of animals and feeds. The Group is also IFS-certified through this organisation for its slaughtering and butchering operations.  The Group also employs butchering techniques that comply with ORGANIC guidelines, for the benefit of its customers. 

It is not only important that all production steps are perfectly interlinked, but also that people within the Group work well together. The farmers and members of staff in the Goldschmaus Group form a community worth its weight in gold. In addition to its ecological responsibilities, the company also bears, above all, a social responsibility throughout the entire value chain. 

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Transparent farming