Healthy diet

“A clever man worships a pig; he thinks about its purpose.
It isn’t refined from the outside, but inside there is bacon.” - Wilhelm Busch

Times – and also values – have changed and nevertheless the Wilhelm Busch quotation still contains a lot of truth, when it is transferred to present day. These days meat is no longer seen as the primary source of energy needed for heavy physical work. The fat content in pork is no longer as high as it was previously due to targeted breeding. On the contrary, the fat content in lean meat is very low these days. The quoted “purpose” of pork in particular and of meat in general has changed.

Today meat and meat products demonstrate their strengths as valuable sources of high quality proteins, vitamins and minerals and in this way contribute to a healthy, balanced diet.

An important part of wholesome nutrition

Meat is a natural source of nutrition with positive qualities for the human organism. For this reason meat is part of a wholesome diet (varied diet), which is complemented by wholegrain products, fruit and vegetables and other ingredients. The nutrient density and the contents of important or even essential nutrients in meat are especially important for groups of the population with a high level of nutritional requirements, such as children (growth), pregnant women, or senior citizens.

What is actually in it?

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Meat and its ingredients

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